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Beach Fishing Guides

May you always have a rod in your hand and your toes in the sand


Bama Beach Bum

 I grew up bass and crappie fishing in a town called Wetumpka, AL in central Alabama. I moved to the gulf coast in my early twenties and began my saltwater fishing journey. Saltwater fishing catapulted my fishing addiction with the variety of species to catch and eat!

My primary focus is to bring you along with me on my journey to continue to discover new techniques and tactics to catch, conserve, cook, and consume the resources available to me living on the gulf coast.

If you would like information on booking a guided beach fishing trip in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, or Fort Morgan Alabama, send me a message for details! Thanks again for stopping by and remember...stay bummy!


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Dixie Flats Surf Fishing Excursions

Dixey Flats Surf Fishing Excursions is a family owned business operating out of Gulf Shores, Alabama. We thrive on the opportunity to provide our anglers with a fishing experience like no other; not only sharing tips and tricks of the trade, but also, the unbelievable and fascinating history of this area, dating back to before the Civil War... there’s even a pirate tale or two and legends of buried pirate treasure! We pride ourselves in being responsible advocates of the environmentally and historically sensitive sites that made our area so extraordinarily unique. We take very seriously our chance to cultivate in our guests, a better understanding of the significance of conserving the local environment to ensure these historical sites are protected and that the fisheries are sustainable for generations to come.

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